Introducing the first installment of our new visual series DESTINATION : DESOLATION. Join us as we rediscover the wild West through an intimate view of our favorite desolate destinations.

This past fall, we headed north from San Francisco on CA 101 with Rotor Collective Digital Cinema to explore the untouched coastline of northern California and Oregon. We set up camp just north of the border amid some of the greenest and wettest landscape we've ever experienced. The contrast of the heavy humid air alongside a seething coastline made for a nearly surreal setting.

Music: CharlesTheFirst - Letting Go

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September 24, 2014 07:35 BEHIND THE SCENES :: Fall/Winter Production

Here at TAHOEMADE™ we have made it our mission since day one to implement sustainable practices while providing the highest quality apparel to you - our friends, our families, and our valued followers from all over the world.  We source all of our fabrics from within the country as well as Canada and Mexico (where do you think we get those authentic serapes for the hoodies?).  From this point the fabrics and their coinciding spec sheets are sent to our manufacturer in San Francisco.  Now you may be thinking…wait isn’t it TAHOEMADE?  Like made in Tahoe?  Well, not quite.  All of our garments are designed in and inspired by our beautiful home of Lake Tahoe, however, due to limitations in trained technical sewers/cutters in our region, economic factors and the fact we want to deliver the highest quality garments, our manufacturing is executed just a couple hours away in the Bay.

This past week we headed down into the heart of San Fran to check in how production of our new collection, Desolation was coming along.   

The building itself stands tall on Market Street as pedestrians from all walks of life hustle and bustle their way along the brick sidewalk.  Upon entering, we are elevated up to the fourth floor where rows of intricate sewing machines and cutting machines sit on top of the employee work stations while rolls of various fabrics and threads line the walls.

While speaking to the manufacturing offices manager, Miranda, we were able to get some more information on the factory and its employees.

Miranda herself has been in the business for over thirty years, working both in Hong Kong and here at National Apparel for the last ten years. 

National Apparel has been in the city for over fifteen years and their business has grown over the years as the number of manufacturing firms has dropped significantly.  Miranda reveals that, “In San Francisco there were more than 600 sewing factories twenty or thirty years ago, but now its narrowed down to less than sixty.  And it used to be that our shop was small but now its changed to a pretty good size… not the biggest but maybe within the five biggest in San Francisco.”

When we asked her about the sewing and cutting industry as a whole she disclosed that the industry is dwindling because of the lack of trained laborers, however, it still does create job opportunities in larger cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

They do everything from the cutting and sewing, to adding the trimming and packaging the garment.

We were able to catch the head cutter go to work on our fabrics for our Gefo Hoodie half-zip, dropping this winter along with the rest of the Desolation Collection.

The roll of fabric is first laid out on the table.  The marker sheet, which is used as a blueprint for the cutting process, is then laid on top of the layers of fabric to be used a visual guideline.

At this point, the cutter meticulously runs the cutting blade through the layers of fabric, making precise cuts along the marked guidelines, forming the pieces of fabric that will soon become part of a greater whole.

After sewing the pieces together, any trimmings are added to the garment, including zippers, hang tags, etc.  From there the garment is packaged and ready for delivery. 

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July 29, 2014 09:30 // GATHER 'ROUND :: Summer Celebration Recap //

This past Saturday, we hosted our 2014 Summer Gathering at the new Moe’s Original BBQ in the heart of Tahoe City.  The two-story building was just newly renovated, receiving a complete overhaul after sitting vacant for almost eight years.  The crew over at Moe’s couldn’t have been more hospitable and we we’re stoked to be able to have our party at such a cool spot. 

We started the evening with a family dinner by the lake as the sun set behind the silhouette of the mountains.  Our close friends, Beer Bongs for World Peace, provided the ultimate transportation, picking us up in their appropriately painted RV truck.

Our good friend Chase McBride opened up the party with an intimate acoustic set, playing new tracks off his most recent album, Every Road I Take, as well as doing some fun covers, including songs from Backstreet Boys to Jurassic 5.  His rendition of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ was definitely a highlight.  

Following Chase, long-time friend Eric Messier really got the crowd going with a bass-heavy DJ set. At this point the whole room was full of family, friends and brand new friends - just the way we like it. 

The lighting in the room wasn’t ideal for pictures…but neither was our inebriation.  We ended up tapping over half of the kegs they had in stock. Well done, amigos.

Another good friend, Ryan Brown (RC Bankwell), closed out the night bumping hit after hit ‘till they had no choice but to finally shut us down at around 2:15 am.  

All in all, it was truly an unforgettable night. Well, maybe a little forgettable, if you helped in the previously mentioned keg tapping. Thank you again to all who came and celebrated with us, and a special thanks to our friends at Beer Bongs for World Peace for the lift, Chase McBride, Eric Messier, and RC Bankwell for the tunes, and of course to Moe’s Original BBQ for the awesome venue and hospitality.  We’ll see ya’ll next year!



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July 14, 2014 11:04 // ARTIST PROFILE :: SCOTT LELIKOFF //

For our newest feature, we profiled Scott Lelikoff, local leather maker and founder of Pedal Happy Design. We met Scott last summer and loved his leather, bicycle-friendly, growler and wine bottle carriers.  We loved them so much that we quickly partnered with him to make a handful of custom pieces.  Our first batch of leather goods quickly sold out, but this spring we conceptualized a whole new line of TAHOEMADE leather goods, including mason jar carriers.  We caught up with Scott at his workplace in Reno to get the low-down on his journey that led him to leather making, and now we want to give you an inside look into how the unique products are crafted.  

On a bicycle-powered brewery tour from Seattle to San Francisco, Scott needed a way to carry his beer-filled growlers safely and efficiently on his bike. He tried a metal carrier but he found that it didn't work well in the long run, so after taking a leather making class he created a carrying case which proved to be very effective.  He has perfected the dimensions and design over the last year and half, and now offers the product to the public as blanks or personalized through his website and various clientele including: Urban Outfitters, Free People, Bespoke and a number of breweries throughout the globe.

The leather is a thick, vegetable tanned cow hide and is very durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, Scott revealed that the thickness and unpredictability of the leather makes it difficult to work with at times. “It’s not always true to size and uniform throughout the hide,” he told us. 

He sources all of the leather hides from the Lone Star State and from there does all of the cutting, dying, shaping, stamping, and sewing himself right here in Reno.  Each piece takes him around an hour and a half from start to finish, but he hopes to start getting them cut beforehand to allow for more efficient production time.  

Our TAHOEMADE mason jar holders are now available at Truckee Thursdays and will be on sale this weekend at Wanderlust Festival.  Also, be on the lookout for our growler and wine bottle carriers to be available in the coming weeks.


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July 1, 2014 18:35 // SUMMER IS HERE //

Summer is in full swing for us here at TAHOEMADE.  Check back here regularly for featured blog posts in which we highlight local artists and athletes, giving an inside look at all things TAHOEMADE.
Part I of our Summer Collection is now available on our webstore and select Tahoe retailers. We added a whole new slate of graphics for our guys and gals - all of the shirts, tanks and sweatshirts you’ve grown to love - made from GMO-free organic cotton, lightweight and super soft.  We also added some new headwear, including the 'Lanny' hybrid 6 panel that features a raised embroidered design and an adjustable leather strap (pictured below).  For our lady friends, we created the most comfortable, stylish bandeau you’ll ever wear, the 'Tres Bandeau'.  It comes in three unique colors and is made from an organic cotton/spandex jersey blend that forms to your body, moving with you morning, noon or night (pictured below).   

Be on the lookout for Part II of our summer collection, including products from our Desolation Collection, to drop sooner than you think!  Check out our Instagram for sneak peeks and insights into TAHOEMADE.
With our growing product lines we have also grown the TAHOEMADE team, adding on a few helpful hands to continue to create the highest quality product you’ve grown to love while also providing stellar content and customer service.  

While we’ve been working hard, we’ve been playing hard as well.  Our fearless leader embarked on a 16-day rafting trip with a group of his closest amigos, snaking down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  An experience of a lifetime, there is nothing quite like traversing through one of world's most infamous rivers with your best friends - a truly unforgettable adventure.  
It is through these experiences and explorations that we find our inspiration. It is that which we translate into our products that embody our appreciation of adventure, friendship and all that mother nature has to offer.  So, as we get into the summer months, we encourage you to grab some friends, ditch the electronics and get outside!  Wherever you are, whether that be here in Lake Tahoe or the banks of the Colorado River, channel your wandering inner spirit and explore what your local territory has to offer.
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January 17, 2014 17:30 // Tahoe Lacks Snow, But Not Adventure //

For the past three years, Lake Tahoe has been in a serious drought. The 800 inches of snow that fell in 2010/2011 have seemingly become a long lost dream. Face-shots, digging your car out, and the incomparable feeling of floating down an untracked slope appear to be a thing of the past.  As each day passes, we long for ANY amount of new snowfall.

With 2013 being California’s driest year on record and the new year seeing nearly no precipitation, smiles in Tahoe are hard to find. With ski resorts having only a few runs open and the backcountry full of dirt and rocks, it is easy to hold your head down and dwell on our current state of existence.


It is times like these that we take our surroundings for granted and forget the true beauty of Lake Tahoe. Yes, the skiing may not be great, but there are still countless ways to get outside and indulge in adventure.  The paddling and kayaking in wintery Lake Tahoe is all-time with uncharacteristically calm and pristine waters.  Hikers are trudging and post-holing through patches of snow to get to Five Lakes, Upper Sardine Lake, and Eagle Lake where the ice skating is ideal on perfectly smooth ice.  There may be a lack snow, but there surely isn't a lack of beauty or adventure.

We urge everyone to not obsess over the grim winter, but get outside and immerse yourself.  You'll be glad you did.  

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Get amongst the Tahoe Weather this long weekend.