TAHOEMADE was created from a deep appreciation of environmental beauty. An appreciation inevitably accompanied by a yearning for adventure and exploration. Tahoe’s landscape provides an endless gateway to nature in its rawest form. Clean, crisp air. Powerful, granite peaks. Pristine waters and emerald coves. These are the things we live for.  TAHOEMADE is our way of giving back. 

DESOLATION is the art form of getting lost. That art form translated into a project that ripened in the wilderness. A shamanic trip through the vast nothingness – spawned by a crew of retro DIY-minded wild spirits digging into anything that isn’t standard. It combines the frustrations of a whole generation who’s crying out for authenticity. A cool cocktail of design, nature, and shredding, resulting in designs inspired by our favorite DESO destinations. Smooth designs, free minds – for those who love nature.

The great outdoors are totally going to dig this.