// Tahoe Lacks Snow, But Not Adventure //

For the past three years, Lake Tahoe has been in a serious drought. The 800 inches of snow that fell in 2010/2011 have seemingly become a long lost dream. Face-shots, digging your car out, and the incomparable feeling of floating down an untracked slope appear to be a thing of the past.  As each day passes, we long for ANY amount of new snowfall.

With 2013 being California’s driest year on record and the new year seeing nearly no precipitation, smiles in Tahoe are hard to find. With ski resorts having only a few runs open and the backcountry full of dirt and rocks, it is easy to hold your head down and dwell on our current state of existence.


It is times like these that we take our surroundings for granted and forget the true beauty of Lake Tahoe. Yes, the skiing may not be great, but there are still countless ways to get outside and indulge in adventure.  The paddling and kayaking in wintery Lake Tahoe is all-time with uncharacteristically calm and pristine waters.  Hikers are trudging and post-holing through patches of snow to get to Five Lakes, Upper Sardine Lake, and Eagle Lake where the ice skating is ideal on perfectly smooth ice.  There may be a lack snow, but there surely isn't a lack of beauty or adventure.

We urge everyone to not obsess over the grim winter, but get outside and immerse yourself.  You'll be glad you did.  

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Get amongst the Tahoe Weather this long weekend.